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Sandrine Montsma

Managing Partner

Sandrine co-founded Bridges in 2018 alongside Gal Hayut and Ran Grodecki.

Prior to Bridges, Sandrine served as CEO and board member in various companies and industries.

Sandrine served as the Vice Chairman and CEO of Orbix Medical, a medical device company based in Europe and Israel, CEO and board member of the VLS-Group, a European logistics service provider (400 people in Germany, NL, Belgium), CEO and board member of Contipi Ltd (an Israeli medical device start-up which she led from incubator stage to exit), and as the General Manager in the Strauss Group. Sandrine started her career in Brand Management at Proctor & Gamble (based in Geneva).

Sandrine has also served on the advisory boards of several women led start-up companies over the past several years, mostly in the area of Womens’ health and Wellbeing.

Sandrine holds a B.A. in Economics & Business Administration from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an MBA from INSEAD Fontainebleau, France. Prior to her studies, Sandrine served for four years as an Intelligence Officer in the Israeli Defense Force’s Unit 8200 where she reached the rank of acting Captain.

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