Our Story 

Established in 2018, Bridges Israel is an impact investment fund which invests in Israeli businesses to generate competitive financial returns alongside significant measurable social and environmental impact.

We aim to inspire, generate and support commercial solutions to local and global societal and environmental challenges that benefit the underserved. Doing so we also strive to help mainstreaming Impact Investing in Israel and boosting the Impact Tech ecosystem.

The fund is an independent affiliate of Bridges Fund Management and shares the same underlying investment philosophy and practices.

Despite 30 years of tremendous economic growth, inequality in Israel is higher than in most advanced economies.
We seek opportunities for significant growth that will improve quality, equity and sustainability in underserved communities.
In addition, we are motivated by Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit and talent and are looking to harness the ‘start-up nation’ innovation capacity.
We are looking to invest in impact-driven technology companies that provide solutions to pressing local and global social and environmental challenges.

Our Motivation 

Our Values:

We, as impact investors:

Believe the financial markets are central in driving solutions to critical threats facing the world and realizing opportunities to generate benefits for people and planet.


Believe that impact investing has a role to play in generating solutions to these critical threats and realizing opportunities to create benefits in the pursuit of a just and sustainable world.


Are accountable to deliver financial and impact performance in line with our investment objectives and to demonstrate behaviors designed to realize these objectives.


Are committed to realizing opportunities to create benefits in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Are committed to personal and business integrity