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Our Approach

High growth, high impact Israeli companies

Bridges Israel invests in high growth, high impact Israeli companies through two investment strategies: Impact Growth and Impact tech.

Impact Growth

Providing impact growth capital to local SMEs serving the Israeli socio-economic periphery or driving environmental sustainability

Impact Tech

Providing capital to Israeli Impact-Tech companies that can generate global social or environmental impact

Under these two strategies we focus on finding investable solution to two of the biggest challenges of our generation – the planet crisis and escalating inequalities. We focus on areas where our capital can make the biggest difference in accelerating a more sustainable and more inclusive future:

More inclusive


Solutions that make our communities stronger, boost employability and productivity.

More sustainable


Solutions that are increasing the efficient usage of natural resources and support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

What we offer

 $1m-$7m equity investment         

Hands-on support from an experienced, mission-aligned investment team

Expert sector knowledge and access to a network of industry specialists

A proven history of delivering growth and impact

A flexible approach to deal structure

What we are looking for:

✚    Strong, mission driven team
✚    Strong revenues and growth projection or customers’ validation for tech solutions
✚    Business model or disruptive technologies in one of our core themes
✚    Clear benefits to communities in Israel’s socio-economic periphery or potential global impact

Impact management
Our impact process entails:

Articulation of an impact thesis in the form of a Theory of Change

Assessing the core effect across the five impact dimensions : (What, Who, How-much, Contribution, Risk)

Assigning measurable, material and practical impact performance metrics (KPIs) to track and manage impact using an Impact Statement.*

Articulating limitations, risks and uncertainties related to the investment’s impact thesis and agree on mitigation measures.

Considering the interests of all affected stakeholders.

* We will strive to measure actual outcomes – the effects as experienced by stakeholders, and understand in details who is being affected, what is the scale and depth of influence and what is the investment net contribution to the effect in comparison with existing alternatives.

As a specialist fund manager dedicated to impact investment, we use an impact-driven approach to create returns for both investors and society as a whole. Each of our portfolio companies represents a strong lock step, which is a strong alignment between the company business and impact drivers.

Understanding and optimizing the impact of our investments is a critical part of our strategy.

Our impact practice incorporates the emerging consensus around impact management and measurement as developed by the Impact Management Project. We use the IMP’s rational and language in our impact assessments and reporting framework.


Based on performance data across the five impact dimensions, we ultimately classify an enterprise’s impact into one of three broad categories: Avoids harm (“A”), Benefits stakeholders (“B”) and Contributes to solutions (“C”). Bridges Israel is entirely dedicated to ‘B’ and ‘C’ investments.

In all our investments we are striving towards either (or both) significant scale and depth of influence and are also considering our contribution as investors.

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