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Jeremy Coller

Founder, Coller Capital

Jeremy Coller is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Coller Capital, a leading global private equity firm. With offices in London, New York, and Hong Kong, Coller Capital has invested in approximately 16,000 private companies worldwide and has current assets under management of approximately $17 billion. Having founded the Coller Institute for Private Equity at the London Business School in 2008, Jeremy established the Coller Institute for Venture at Tel Aviv University in 2013. Most recently, he endowed the Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University.

The Jeremy Coller Foundation is also active in grantmaking, research, and strategic initiatives to end factory farming. JCF recently launched FAIRR, a collaborative investor network that shares research to raise awareness of the financial risks linked to the factory farming industry and mobilizes investors to engage with global food companies to improve practices. Since December 2015, FAIRR has signed up investors representing more than $4 trillion AUM.

Jeremy holds a BSc (Hons) in Management Sciences from the University of Manchester, UMIST and an MA in Philosophy from Sussex University. He attended Carmel College and the Diplôme Cours de Civilisation Française at the Sorbonne. In 2011, Jeremy was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the London Business School. In 2013, he received an Honorary Doctorate from Tel Aviv University.

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